Teach Like A Rock Star Podcast

Ep 51 | Debbie Scott, Help A Teacher

Episode Summary

Debbie Scott is the founder of Help A Teacher – a Facebook community with over 100K members dedicated to providing teachers with supplies, encouragement, and community.

Episode Notes

Just over a year ago, following the Florida school shootings, Debbie Scott was moved and inspired to do something to make a difference in the lives of teachers and their kids. As a result, she reached out to a handful of teachers who she knew and asked what supplies they needed for their classrooms. After fulfilling their requests and being touched by the deep appreciation of those teachers, Debbie became convinced there were more educators who needed supplies and people around the world who would love to help. So, she created the Help A Teacher Facebook page. Since that first small gesture to help a few teachers, the Help A Teacher community has grown into a 100K+ member force committed to providing teachers around the world with supplies, encouragement, and support.

Today, fueled by faith and passion and love for teachers, Debbie and the Help A Teacher team are more committed than ever to playing a significant role in supporting teachers to make a difference in the lives of their kids.

Follow Debbie and Help A Teacher online:
Website | HelpATeacher.com
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